Client Testimonials

My fun loving demeanor resonates well with clients of all fitness levels, from experienced athletes to those just wanting to improve their lifestyle.

Nancy Ryan

Fitness goals: To lose weight and learn the correct exercise techniques for independent exercise.

Lewis Morrison was my choice for rehabilitation. My daughter called him my "survival guide." My world turned upside down when my husband suddenly passed away. I left my work and tried to think about how to manage these next days, months or years. The only thing I knew for sure was that the mind needs a well body and so that became my goal. I made my decision to work with Lewis after our first meeting.  He is an amazing listener and fed back to me what I hoped to achieve.

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Musqueam Golf Ladies

Fitness Goals: To improve general and golf specific fitness in a group setting.

Lewis is very helpful in keeping us on the right track and I like his very positive attitude. He keeps the class fun which I think is an important aspect. The exercises are good and are helping with my strength build-up. Lewis is fun, yet extremely professional. I feel really confident that he knows what he's doing and he's not going to hurt me. And I say that even though it hurts!

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Eliot Raibl

Eliot Raibl, NCAA Division 1 Athlete

Fitness Goals: Hockey specific strength and conditioning.

On top of pure strength, Lewis has helped me with core stability and endurance, and I can maneuver around the ice and fight guys off in the corner a lot more easily now.

Phyllis Laschuk

Fitness Goals: Golf specific strength and conditioning. To rehabilitate from injury, improve strength of the core and start hitting the golf ball further.

I began going to physiotherapy and working with Lewis, who put me through rehabilitation exercises. My work with Lewis increased my strength, as well as toned my muscles. Lewis has a very well-planned sport specific training program, which targets overall body and core strength, power and flexibility. I'm an example of an age group who wants to enjoy sports activities well into the future, and with injuries that just happen to show up, it's great to have people like Lewis to give us the help we need.

Paulette Heppner

Paulette Heppner

Fitness Goals: To pass a military strength and fitness test in my 50's!!

I started working with a Lewis when I needed to pass a military strength and fitness test and was frustrated with "trainers" at my gym that seemed to know little more than how to work the machines. I simply wasn’t improving in the way I had hoped. I wanted someone with a trained background who could build me a program to help me improve and meet my fitness goals without injuring myself or spending my life in the gym. As someone who is not a natural athlete, I was also concerned about injury prevention.

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Jerry Lampert

Jerry Lampert

Fitness Goals: To lose weight, improve cardio and build strength; and as a result improve overall health.

Lewis Morrison has been my personal trainer for three years and I've enjoyed and benefitted from every minute of it.

Six years ago I had a minor heart attack. It was the warning that not everyone gets. My recovery included participating in the Vancouver General Hospital Healthy Heart Programme which included regular workout classes. At the end of the programme I had to decide how to maintain a training regime. Through my downtown office I was able to utilize a fitness club close-by.

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