MIO Motion +

The Original Strapless Heart Rate Watch Plus Built-in Pedometer to Track Calories Burned on the Move

MIO Motion + Watch

Contact me to purchase the MIO Motion + at a special discounted price.

As a part of the new Smart Touch Series, the MIO Motion + integrates the latest in biometric technology into a sports and wellness watch.

Smart Touch is heart smart; touch any part of the stainless steel sensor with any part of your hand for your on-demand heart rate.

The MIO Motion + is an all-in-one activity monitor that accurately counts steps, measures speed, distance traveled plus calories burned while running and walking.

The MIO Motion + is customizable with your personal data including age, weight, height, gender to ensure accuracy.

Contact me to purchase the MIO Motion + at a special discounted price.

MIO Motion + Features

  • On demand, ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap
  • Multi-function activity monitor uses accelerometer technology to accurately count steps, estimate speed and distance traveled as well as calories burned
  • Percentage of maximum heart rate
  • Get results faster with the MIO 3500 Calorie Club program
  • Programmable target heart rate zones with upper and lower heart rate zones
  • Resting heart rate: measures and displays your resting heart rate
  • Exercise timers
  • Water resistant up to 50 M
  • 2 level pedometer sensitivity
  • User accessible battery hatch

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