Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training is a great way to improve your health and fitness, particularly for those who struggle to find the motivation to exercise alone.

Small Group Personal Training in Vancouver, BCSocial support in the form of friends, family, and other class participants can be very powerful in helping you stay on track, by providing positive mutual compliments for shared efforts, and offering a comfortable support system to help encourage one another. Regardless of the group’s range of fitness levels, your sessions can ignite the competitive spirit that lives inside us all!

Group sessions offer the same intimate coaching experience as a personal training session but for a reduced cost. The larger the group, the cheaper the rate!

From $30 /person (+HST)
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Doubles: $100/session ($50/person)
Triples: $120/session ($40/person)
Quads: $140/session ($35/person)
5-6 People: $30/person